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Horseback Riding at Baldwin Lake Stables

The only place to ride a horse in Big Bear.

Baldwin Lake Stables is the only place in Big Bear Lake to go horseback riding. Located in the East part of the Valley, take Big Bear Blvd. past Big Bear City and past the Sugarloaf signal light. Instead of going up the hill, stop at the sign and cross into Shay Meadows. You’ll see the sign for the stables. Continue for about a mile and a half. The stables are on the right hand side of the road where the view spreads out.

 If you’ve never ridden a horse before, you are in for a treat. All the rental horses are well trained and used to being ridden by different people. Rides are not strenuous. In fact, sitting in a saddle can be one of the most comfortable seats you’ve ever sat in. You naturally sit straight, with a small amount of pressure on your feet when necessary. The horse manages the terrain. If you haven’t ridden before, realization that you are sitting on top of a live animal that responds to your directions (the reins), can be very rewarding. Horses love soft words and a good pat on the neck.

 Baldwin Lake Stables has several packages for riding. The best is to schedule a 1/2 day ride. Be sure to bring your camera! You will ride through forest, fields and the mountain’s edge. The views are stunning. You will truly be inspired. The only way to see some of these areas is on foot, or horseback. There are no roads to drive. After such an inspiring ride, you can appreciate the American Cowboy and how they lived in the saddle every day.

 The riding packages also include a choice of an hour ride or a 2 hour ride. Taking you into the forest and hills surrounding Baldwin Lake, this is a great introduction to horseback riding. The terrain changes a lot, and your horse is there to carry you over the bumps and gullies. Most of the time, your horse knows what to do better than you! Just let them take the trail. Listen to the steady sound of the hooves on the trail. You may find yourself in a lovely little rhythm. Let it take you back to the time when horse riding was the world’s transportation.

Baldwin Lake Stables also offers a lovely Petting Zoo, and Pony Rides for the little children. It is never too early (or late!) to ride a horse. The Stables are more than willing to schedule group rides and parties for all ages. They can be reached at https://baldwinlakestables.com/ or call them at (909) 585-6482.

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