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Real Estate Neighborhood Tours – Fawnskin

You may recognize the Fawnskin area from the Eddie Murphy movie, ‘Dr. Doolittle’. We love this area because it’s heavily wooded and backs into some of the Valley’s best hiking and mountain biking trails.

Fawnskin was originally an artist’s community, and is steeped in history. It was the beginning of the main coach road through the mountains. It’s best known as the gateway into Holcomb Valley, where southern California’s largest deposit of gold was found.

Fawnskin was also home to loggers and hunters. The Pederson Sawmill was the main staging area for loggers. Some of the wood came from Holcomb Valley, while some of the logs were cut trees from Big Bear Lake (left over from the creation of the lake).

Real Estate Neighborhoods

Fawnskin is divided into two real estate neighborhoods; East and West. The East side is mostly National Forest, with Highway 38 following the shoreline. The Big Bear Discovery Center, built by the US Forest Service and the San Bernardino National Forest Association is on the north side of the highway. It’s a perfect base camp for hiking and getting forest maps and permits.

The West side is located along Grout Bay. It is the commercial center of the area and home to several restaurants. There’s also a fire station and a small park.

Residential homes in this area can range from modest to spectacular. The average home price is $200,000 (Zillow). North Shore Elementary School is a 15 minute drive.

A drive up the side streets from North Shore, can afford some spectacular views of Big Bear Lake and the San Gorgonio Mountain Range.

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