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Does Your Big Bear Home Have The “Cabiny” Feel?

Link to YouTube Video.

If not, selling your Big Bear home is going to be a litte tougher.

Nearly 80% of the real estate buyers in Big Bear come from out of the area, and they are looking for a second home retreat. That said, the vast majority of these buyers are looking for something completely different than their primary home – a woodsy, cabin retreat.  They want a home with lots of wood or logs, T&G (tongue & groove) wood, high ceilings, heavy beams, & a rustic fireplace.

So, if your property does not fit this mold, you have to be cognizant of this and proceed according – you cannot price it like the “cabiny” home and be prepared that it could take some time.  If a large percentage of the buyer pool is not looking for your style of home, most won’t even look at it, so it is going to be a tougher sale.  It’s not impossible, but it is not going to be as easy and the “cabiny” style homes most buyers go for.

How do you make your home more “cabiny?”  This is a tough question to answer because it can become pretty costly.  And where do you start and stop?  You don’t want to do a patch job just to add some woodsy features, buyers will see right past that.  If you are able to add some log accents, trim,  and siding, maybe some T&G wood wainscoting and ceilings, that may help.  It is not an easy task though.

Take a look at this Big Bear property at 147 Teakwood in the Fox Farm area – before & after.  What style do you think more buyers are going to be attracted to?

and after…

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