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Does Your Big Bear Home Have The “Cabiny” Feel?

Link to YouTube Video. If not, selling your Big Bear home is going to be a litte tougher. Nearly 80% of the real estate buyers in Big Bear come from out of the area, and they are looking for a second home retreat. That said, the vast majority of these buyers are looking for something completely different than their primary home - a woodsy, cabin retreat.  They want a home with lots of wood or logs, T&G (tongue & groove) wood, high ceilings, heavy beams, & a rustic fireplace. So, if your property … [Read more...]

Five Mistakes Buyers Make When Buying In Big Bear

Buying a home can be a confusing process for somebody who has not been through it several times. There are so many things to consider and so much paperwork to be completed before a transaction can be fully completed. If a buyer is not prepared for all the eventualities, it can be a very trying experience. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, I am going to list five major mistakes that many buyers make. 1. Not being pre-approved. In my mind, this is the biggest mistake a buyer can make. Most sellers … [Read more...]