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If You’re Looking For A Great Deal In Big Bear, You Have To Act Like It!

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Many buyers are looking to get a great deal when buying a home in Big Bear.  Seems like a natural request.  But, very few are willing to act, or respond, like they must in order get one.

I see deals come on the market every week.  They come up, and they go quickly.

If you are looking to get these deal properties, you will to act quickly and appropriately.

1.  You must come up within 24-48 hours from the property hitting the market.

You cannot wait until it is convenient or til your next planned trip to Big Bear to take a look.  These deals will be long gone by then.  These type of properties get 3-5 offers within a 7 day period, there’s no time to wait.

In today’s information age, within 15 minutes of these properties hitting the market, hundreds of agents and buyers will know about these deals.  There’s no hiding anymore!

2.  You need to be ready to spend full price or more to get the property.

Trying to offer 5%, 10% , or 20% less is a waste of time.  These properties are selling at, or over, the full asking price.  Sure, there are properties selling for this than full price, but not these ones.

Along the same lines, make sure your financing is already in order.  It is not uncommon to see several cash offers on these type of properties.  Make sure your deposit it strong (minimum 3%) and the escrow period is as quick as you can complete.

Everyone wants a deal when buying real estate.  But very few are willing step up and do the necessary things to secure the deal.

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  1. Linda Hunter says


    As always, great information and items that anyone looking to purchase property in Big Bear needs to know. In fact, in some cases for amazing deals we expercienced first hand that even 24-48 hours can be too long! We had about 5 hours to act, and had to still compete with multiple offers (including a cash offer)! With Tyler’s help we were able to get an offer in, and got an amazing deal (and yes we decided to offer above the asking price) and now have our dream mountain home and couldn’t be happier!
    Thanks Tyler!!

  2. Thanks Linda.

    You guys acted perfectly!

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