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If You’re Looking For A Great Deal In Big Bear, You Have To Act Like It!

Click here if you cannot see the embedded video. Many buyers are looking to get a great deal when buying a home in Big Bear.  Seems like a natural request.  But, very few are willing to act, or respond, like they must in order get one. I see deals come on the market every week.  They come up, and they go quickly. If you are looking to get these deal properties, you will to act quickly and appropriately. 1.  You must come up within 24-48 hours from the property hitting the market. You cannot wait until it is … [Read more...]

One Secret To Getting A Great Deal In Big Bear

Focus your search for Big Bear properties that have been on the market for 6 months or more. Why? 1. More seller motivation. 2. Less buyer attention (your competition). 3. Probability of finding something undervalued is much better. Here are a few properties as examples. This property was listed on 1/19/2007 for $929,000.  It had been in the market 908 days but is now in escrow.  At 3300 sqft, it sold for comparable price to those 2200 to 2700 sqft homes in the Castle Glen area. This property was … [Read more...]

Everyone Wants A Deal When Buying Real Estate

I get that.  I would too. I have never had a buyer client say I want to overpay for a property.  It is rare that they even want to pay fair market value. While everyone wants a deal, very few buyers will actually act accordingly when a deal presents itself.  Buyers tend to get caught up more in the list price / offer price / sales price than the market value, so much so that when the right deal does come up, they miss it. The fact is that even in this "horrible" market, there are still an average of 50 buyers … [Read more...]