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Increasing Property Values in Big Bear

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We’ve enjoyed a summer with plenty of monsoonal rain. Fall temperatures are here, along with a couple inches of snow last night. If you take a drive around Big Bear, you’ll find trees heavily laden with apples and pears. This is a great time of year to plant apple trees and berry bushes. Besides providing a delightful harvest, improving your landscaping is an easy way to increase property value and boost curb appeal.

A study done by Virginia Tech in 2007 showed that good landscaping can improve a home’s resale value from 5 percent to over 12 percent of your home’s value. It’s also the only investment that increases in value with maturity.

  • How much time do you expect to be in your home?
  • If you intend to move in the next year, there are still a few quick tips:
  • Consider adding fertilizer treatments to the lawn to improve it’s look.
  • Cut new edges around your beds and add mulch.
  • You can add splashes of color with flowers.
  • For a minimum investment, you can also add a few mature shrubs.

For those planning on staying in their homes for awhile, the best tip we have is to make a plan. The American Society of Landscape Architects recommend an investment of 10% of your home’s value.

Bob Villa suggests a plan. He says, “Everything doesn’t need to happen at once. Consider a five year plan that has plantings maturing at varying rates.”

Although there are costly trends for outdoor family rooms and kitchens, there are a lot of improvements that don’t cost a lot:

  1. Adding lighting can help create an atmosphere. Solar lights have become inexpensive.
  2. If you have children, get an outdoor shed to house their toys.
  3. Structural features such as fences and bridges will add depth and dimension to your yard.
  4. Define your spaces. Use lighting, some lawn furniture and fencing to define the backyard space.
  5. A trellis with flowering vines can add a dramatic accent to your yard.

There is no doubt good landscaping adds value to your home. A well landscaped yard can also offer a rarer commodity, beauty and peace of mind.

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