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Goldsmiths, Bear Valley Bikes, TC Ride Shop, and North Shore Trading Company, in Fawnskin; are some of the places you can rent or purchase snowshoes. If you haven’t gotten into the deeper snow, you are missing a great opportunity to get in to Great Nature.

With a 12,00 year history, many of us have an image of Eskimos walking on top of the snow with giant wood and leather tennis rackets tied to their feet. This is no longer the case. Modern technology has refined the shape and size of snowshoes. Made of lightweight aluminum and rubber, with simple locking straps and crampons on the bottom, the snowshoe has come a long way. And it can take you a long way.

If you have never walked in the silence of the trees in the Winter, you are missing a great experience! Snowshoes give you the chance to walk off the trail and into areas you can never go if the snow wasn’t there.

One excellent place is at the top of Onyx Summit on Highway 38. Park in the large open area on the East side of the road. Cross the highway. Put on your snowshoes and head West. You can follow the gated fire road along the North facing slope of Sugarloaf Ridge for quite a distance. The views are spectacular!

Another great place is the very top of Shasta Drive in Moonridge. Take Moonridge Rd. to Deer Canyon Rd. Turn right on Siskiyou Dr. and left on Shasta. Head all the way to the top. You’ll be at Ridge Crest Drive. Park and walk up the trail. Where the trail forks is where the adventure begins!

Ask at the Big Bear Discovery Center for other areas. They are familiar with places that have sustained snow, so you won’t be walking in the dirt. If you want some companionship and guaranteed good trails, the Discovery Center offers 3 snowshoe trips each weekend. Contact them at (909) 382-2790.

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