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Big Bear Real Estate Market – 2008 Breakdown

Below is the breakdown for the Big Bear real estate market in 2008. Big Bear Home Sales As previous mentioned on this blog, the residential sales, or homes sales, made up a significant amount of the sales in 2008, nearly 85% of the total market. Year # of Homes Sold % Change Median Sales Price % Change Average Sales Price % Change Days on Market List Price to Sales … [Read more...]

Big Bear Home Sales – December 2008

Home sales in Big Bear for December 2008 (41 total) dropped 26% as compared to December 2007, and fell 18% from the November 2008 home sales number of 50. Typically, November & December are the best two months of the year for closings/sales, but this year they ranked 5th & 3rd respectively as the slowest months for sales in 2008. The median price for the homes sold was $262,000, up 9% from Nov. 2008, but down 5% from Dec. 2007. With such a limited amount of sales, any slight variation can throw these … [Read more...]