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Big Bear Foreclosure Numbers – January 2010

Foreclosure filings in Big Bear were down 14% in January 2010 when compared to December 2009. Year over year, foreclosure filings were down 7% from the January 2009 numbers. This is kinda big news as it is the first time in more than a year that I can recall the overall foreclosure filings down year over year. A sign of things getting better?  I don't think so. Keep in mind, foreclosure filings are made up of three parts - Notices of Default (NOD), a recorded document that starts the foreclosure process, which … [Read more...]

Big Bear Home Sales – January 2010

As expected, home sales in Big Bear dropped in January.  Sales in January represent buying activity in November and December - and peak holiday season = slow home buying season.  The median sales price dropped significantly as well. Big Bear Home Sales Home sales in January were down 29% when compared to the December sales (56 v. 79).  On a brighter note, sales were up 10% when compared to the same month last year (56 v. 51). Given that January thru April are the 4 slowest months of the year for sales, this number … [Read more...]