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Lack of Buyers?

Click here to see embedded video. Nope.  There are actually plenty of buyers out there in this market.  There are, however, very few willing to pay the over-inflated asking price of many sellers. The reality is there are very few realistic sellers on the market. We don't have a lack of buyers.  Rather, we have a lack of realistically priced properties for buyers to choose from. Related Articles Should I Price It Firm Or Flexible? Actions Speak Louder Than Words In Real Estate The Right Asking Price Makes All … [Read more...]

The Right Asking Price Makes All The Difference

I talk with a lot of home sellers in Big Bear. Some are thinking of selling, and some are trying to sell right now.  The conversations are really not all that different.  Most of the time, it comes down to the pricing. Here are a couple videos I did over the past week relating to selling a home in Big Bear.  See if you can guess what the common theme is for both of these. [viddler id=2d5f7e69&w=545&h=349] This real estate market is for serious sellers only.  That's why banks make up more than 50% of … [Read more...]

Pricing A Property In Big Bear – Follow Your Real Estate Gut

Pricing a property in Big Bear is a lot different than your standard tract home or primary home location. The fact is that the properties in Big Bear can be dramatically different, even when they are in the same location. We have many areas with big homes next to small homes, old homes next to new homes, homes on the lake and homes off it, homes with ski slopes views and home with out a view. There are very few locations that contain homes with a lot of commonality between them.  Areas with upscale, newer homes … [Read more...]