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The Right Asking Price Makes All The Difference

I talk with a lot of home sellers in Big Bear.

Some are thinking of selling, and some are trying to sell right now.  The conversations are really not all that different.  Most of the time, it comes down to the pricing.

Here are a couple videos I did over the past week relating to selling a home in Big Bear.  See if you can guess what the common theme is for both of these.

[viddler id=2d5f7e69&w=545&h=349]

This real estate market is for serious sellers only.  That’s why banks make up more than 50% of what is selling.  They are as serious as you get as a seller – they’ve got no other choice but to sell.

[viddler id=da7565a8&w=545&h=349]

There are a lot of different ways to come up with a value on a property – appraisal, insurance value, replacement cost, tax assessor, seller’s own personal opinion, and so on.  But, if you are trying to sell, the only one that matters right now is the market value, and that’s determined by buyers.

A real estate agent that knows the market conditions, and I mean really knows it, will be able to help guide sellers to the correct listing price and thus a successful sale.

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