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How to Be a Fantastic Buyer’s Agent

Early this week I had the pleasure of meeting a great couple who were looking for a new buyer’s agent in my area. They had been working with a different Realtor for almost a year and had not had any success in purchasing a vacation home in Big Bear. As I listened to their story, it became more and more evident that they had been using somebody who was not versed in the art of being a superior agent for their client’s. Many Realtors seem to think that all there is to representing a buyer is getting them in the car … [Read more...]

All Real Estate Agents Are The Same…..NOT!

I hear it all the time. All real estate agents do is drive around, open some homes, sit in front of their computer, wait for people to call, do some open houses, get paid way too much and the list goes on and on.  Sounds like a job a robot could do. Here's some thoughts I have about that. [viddler id=5331cd15&w=545&h=349] A few years back when people were buying homes like they bought a new pair of jeans, the value of a real estate agent was more of an order taker and not much advice was given.  That … [Read more...]