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5 Options for Big Bear Sellers

Link to embedded video here. Seems like I go over this several times a week with potential sellers.  What are their options in this real estate market? Here are my answers - 1.  Sell it - easier said than done. This can be difficult to do if they bought it or refinanced it during the 2003 to 2008 range as many owe more than the market value. 2. Sit & wait it out - not the best choice in my opinion as I don't see any reason things will be better over the next couple year.  There number of properties … [Read more...]

What’s Best? Bank Owned, Short Sale, or Traditional Seller?

Many buyer's in today's market think that the deal is more important than the house. They often get caught up in the misconception that bank owned or short sale properties are the only homes that they should look at. This would be a grave mistake. Even though it is true that the bank owned and short sale properties are driving the Big Bear Real Estate market, we are still selling many units that are listed by traditional sellers. What's best? It's best to select a home that fits your needs, is in a good location, … [Read more...]

Bank Owned & Short Sale Homes Taking Market Share In Big Bear

Active Listings % of Total Pending Listings % of Total Sold Listings Last Year % of Total Mom & Pop Seller 775 83% 36 31% 534 80% Bank Owned 69 7% 52 46% 115 17% Short Sales 89 10% 26 23% 18 3% Total 933 114 667 As evidenced in the table above, bank owned and short sale homes have taken a larger piece of the overall real estate pie here in Big Bear. 80% of the home sales in Big Bear for 2008 were your traditional, Mom & Pop seller.  That made sense as there was a similar percentage, 90-95%, … [Read more...]