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What’s Best? Bank Owned, Short Sale, or Traditional Seller?

Many buyer’s in today’s market think that the deal is more important than the house. They often get caught up in the misconception that bank owned or short sale properties are the only homes that they should look at. This would be a grave mistake. Even though it is true that the bank owned and short sale properties are driving the Big Bear Real Estate market, we are still selling many units that are listed by traditional sellers.
What’s best? It’s best to select a home that fits your needs, is in a good location, is available to purchase at or below market value, and is within your budget, regardless of who owns it. There are plenty of deals out there being sold by traditional, organic sellers.  If you are only looking at bank owned or short sale properties, you are only seeing part of the picture.
Moonridge Cabin

Secluded Cabin in the Mountains

You have to ask yourself, do you want the best house or the best deal? Your search for a Big Bear home should be about the home and the land first. If it isn’t the right home or in an acceptable location, would you buy it? I guess it depends on your use, but most buyers that I work with are looking for a second home in the mountains. They envision a cabin look or feel with seclusion and quiet.

A local Real Estate expert will be able to show you properties that fit your dreams and pocket book. Looking for properties online can give you more information than ever before, but there is nothing like visiting the area and looking at the surroundings. Listening to the wind blowing through the trees, enjoying the crisp clean air of Big Bear. As a resident of Big Bear since 1990, I know all areas of Big Bear. Come up to Big Bear and get the Real Estate tour that will open your eyes with the opportunities that this market has given us.

Traditional sellers in this market cannot ignore the basics. The home must be clean, easy to show, and most important priced correctly. You will be competing with the bank owned homes, and your property better not look like it is one of them. I often tell seller’s, If your going fishing for a buyer in Big Bear, you’ll want to have the best bait.

Catch a Buyer in Big Bear Lake

Chasing the market down by listing high and waiting to see what will happen will dwindle away whatever equity you have in your property while the market is dropping. Sellers must get ahead of the market and price to create excitement, nothing is more important than the first impression and price.

Steve Hirschler

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