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The First Sale is to The Other Agents

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Most sellers don’t consider this fact. Understandably, they think mostly in terms of the buyer and who it is going to be. But, before you can find the buyer, you must make sure the real estate agents in Big Bear are sold on your property. By that, I mean they know about it and are actively promoting it to all of the prospects they know.  If the agents are sold on it, the process of selling will be a lot smoother for you as a seller. Just imagine multiple agents trying to sell your property rather then just one.

From a real estate agent’s standpoint, what does it mean to make the “first sale” to the other agents?  Besides properly pricing and exposing your properties, I think it means being a great agent to work with. If you get a bad reputation amongst your peers as being “difficult” to work with, I can tell you if they have a choice, agents are going to direct their clients to other properties first before going to yours.  Conversely, if an agent has a good reputation and is known for putting out a good product, other agents are going to be eager to work with them.

What do good real estates agent do differently? They are on the ball, honest, answer/return their calls, and do what they say they are going to do.  I know, it sounds very simplistic, but these are not as common was one would think.

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