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Your Property Photos Should Look Better Than a $50 Pair of Shoes

Link to YouTube video.

I know, I know, sounds very simplistic and common sense.  Yet, only 1-2% of real estate agents in Big Bear really understand this.  Most of the property photos out there are garbage.

Stats show that 90% or more of buyers are using the internet to find real estate.  I’d argue that for Big Bear that stat is going to be over 90%.  So, if this huge pool of buyers is looking online, and there are over 600 properties for sale in Big Bear, wouldn’t it make sense to make your property stand out online?  I think so.  One easy way to get lots of great photos that show the property in best light.

You can to Zappos.com and see multiple photos, and even a video, of a $50 pair of shoes.  Yet, there are some real estate agents using less than 12 bad photos on high dollar listings.  Does anyone else see the disconnect here?


  1. Kim Sellers says

    You nailed it Tyler, amazing when you see a lake front with one shot of the lake and that’s it!

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