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Agent Representation is a Two-Way Street

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Here’s the gist – just because your agent does not agree with you does not mean they are not representing you.  Much of the value a real estate agent provides lies in their knowledge and experience.  They’ve been down this road a lot of times in the past.

So, when a buyer or seller is looking like they might be getting ready to jump off a real estate cliff so to speak, most agents are going to warn their clients ahead of time and give them advice.  This can come across as not representing their interests, but in fact, it is the exact opposite. We are just trying to protect you from yourself, or at least make you think about it.

These are some of the situations where agents and consumers tend to get into disagreements –

1.  Setting the asking price on a home (seller)

2.  Dealing with repair issues (buyer & seller)

3.  Determining an offer price (buyer)

In the end, a real estate agent should do whatever their client is asking them to do so long as it is legal.  But, in order to have a good working relationship, the knowledge and experience real estate agents provide to their clients should be respected and considered.

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