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Agent Representation is a Two-Way Street

Click here to see embedded YouTube video. Here's the gist - just because your agent does not agree with you does not mean they are not representing you.  Much of the value a real estate agent provides lies in their knowledge and experience.  They've been down this road a lot of times in the past. So, when a buyer or seller is looking like they might be getting ready to jump off a real estate cliff so to speak, most agents are going to warn their clients ahead of time and give them advice.  This can come across as … [Read more...]

Multiple Offers? Keep It Clean.

Recently, it seems like every property that I write up has at least two other offers that I have to compete with. While the market is still not where it was, there seem to be plenty of buyers going after the best deals. If you are a buyer who is planning on getting a " deal ", you need to write your offer as clean as possible if you are to have any chance at success. By " clean ", I mean nothing extraneous. If something doesn't have to be there, cut it out. When you are in direct competition with other buyers, the … [Read more...]