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Looking to Ditch That Big Bear Cabin Look? Here’s Some Tips to Modernizing Your Mountain Home….

"We want something cabin-y." This is something I hear ALL the time. Most of my clients want to escape from the city to their mountain home that really feels mountainous. But here's the thing, you can still get that feeling without the bears and lacquered wood. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people love that look and it is important to decorate your home to fit your taste. But, if you're looking for something current or are hoping to maximize your rental potential, kicking that traditional cabin look may be the … [Read more...]

Big Bear Winter Fun For Everyone!

Whether you're a skier, rider, sledding junkie or exercise enthusiast... Big Bear has it all! Sure... summer time is a bit on the warmer side, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck indoors all winter long. You may be a full-timer or here on vacation, either way there are several ways to get up, get out and breathe some fresh air. Check it out... Bear Mountain and Snow Summit: Our two local ski resorts offer a wide range of ski/snowboard lessons, terrain for all abilities and a shuttle that will take you to … [Read more...]

Want to EARN your Big Bear Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s How.

It’s almost that time. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie… yep, it’s Thanksgiving! A day we all look forward to, especially when it comes to food. That being said, maybe a little jog would make you feel a bit better about indulging? If so, this year Big Bear has officially hopped on the Turkey Trot train and will be hosting its first annual run this Thanksgiving Day. The Big Bear Turkey Trot falls under the umbrella of Open Air Big Bear, and offers 3, 6, and 9 milers ranging from $35 - $45 (see … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake Faces a Crisis

– And Comes Out Stronger – Like the rest of America, the residents of Big Bear were glued to their television sets as a madman went on a rampage throughout Southern California. The difference, of course, is that this drama suddenly began unfolding in our own backyard. When I first heard that Christopher Dorner’s pick-up truck was sighted in the hills between Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, I was sure it was a hoax. This sort of thing doesn’t happen in Big Bear - we’re safe up here. We feel insulated from this sort … [Read more...]

How Much Big Bear Real Estate Can I Afford?

Are you gearing up to buy a Big Bear home? Now is a great time to make a move in the local real estate market. First of all, interest rates are at historic lows. Compare today's 30-year fixed-rate average of between 3 and 4 percent to the 13 to 18 percent rates of the 1980's. This gives buyers more purchasing power as current interest rates equate to lower monthly mortgage payments. Additionally, homes are now at their most affordable on record. This is because home values have dropped considerably in the past few … [Read more...]

7 Things to Do Outdoors During Big Bear’s Winter

We moved to Big Bear back in the mid-90’s because of all of the outdoor activities. We love to ski the mountain or depending on the snow pack and the temperatures, we’ll hike the East valley. 1. The East valley is also home to Baldwin Lake Stables. You can go for a group ride or a private ride on the forest trails in Baldwin Lake. Be sure to call and make reservations in advance. 2. Snow Tubing at Alpine Slide - We purchased a half day ticket last year for us and the kids. It is enough to tire everyone out. We … [Read more...]

Tips for Winter Driving in Big Bear

Before coming "Up the Mountain" for some slope time at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, please be sure you and your car understand the conditions you may encounter. Here are a few tips you may not have thought of when driving in the mountains. Before you leave, check your tire pressure. Balance the pressure in all 4 tires and check the spare. Don't over inflate! You are more likely to slip and slide. We really do have, "Twisty Mountain Roads", just like it says in the brochures. Throw a can of flat fixer under the … [Read more...]

July 4th in Big Bear Lake

The annual Big Bear Lake Independence Day Fireworks are scheduled for the 4th of July at dusk (9:00 PM). The show, coordinated with music from the local radio station (KBHR 93.3), consistently ranks in the top 5 for California fireworks shows. The fireworks are organized by the Big Bear Rotary Club with support from the City of Big Bear Lake, the Chamber of Commerce, the Big Bear Lake Resort Association and local business and community donations. The spectacular show lasts 30 minutes. You can get out on the lake to … [Read more...]

Tyler Wood Group Proudly Sponsors – The 2012 Music in the Mountains Concert Series

The 2012 Music in the Mountains concert series kicks off this weekend in Big Bear with Singers and Songwriters; "A Tribute to Fathers" featuring Mike Cross, Simply Voices and special guest, Kai Clark Band, son of Gene Clark, co-founder of the 60’s rock band, The Byrds. This popular outdoor concert series has quickly become a Big Bear classic and tickets sell out every year. The concerts are held in the Big Bear Discover Center’s outdoor amphitheater located at 40971 North Shore Drive/ Hwy 38, Fawnskin. The … [Read more...]

Renting vs. Buying a Home

Extremely low interest rates, lots of inventory, and cheap prices are all reasons why you should consider a home purchase. But, is it right for you to buy now? Let’s take a look at a few of the factors to consider when making the decision to buy or to rent: When To Buy A Home Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. If you have excellent credit, a stable job, and enough cash in the bank to make a down payment with money left over, then buying a home may be a wise financial decision … [Read more...]