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Where Are The Big Bear Real Estate Buyers?

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Patty’s Picks of the Week

Want to know some of the best properties in Big Bear to purchase this week? Simply click on the highlighted property to see the details of these "best in show" properties. Under $100K: 492 Santa Barbara: This is a quaint, charming property that sits on a 5,000 sq.ft nicely treed, corner fenced lot. It is also a Fannie Mae property that has extra incentives for primary,  second home and investment purchasers. $100K-$200K: 300 Tiger Lily: This full log home sits on a roomy 5,000 sq. ft. lot with ski slopes … [Read more...]

When Will Prices Go Up in Big Bear?

Click here to see embedded YouTube video. This is a question I get on a daily basis. Prices are directly tied to sales and demand. The more sales (demand) we see, the higher prices should go. We've been averaging 50-90 sales the past 2 years or so. Compare that to the 200 per month we used to see back in the early to mid 2000's and you'll see demand is still pretty limited right now. Once we see a sustained amount of sales per month, in the range of 150 per month for a 6-12 month period, then we should start … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Big Bear Lake

If you have considered a mountain property, here are 10 great reasons to purchase a home now in Big Bear Lake. 1.  Interest Rates are at an all time low! Today's rates are near 4.30%, which is free money to anyone who remembers the rates 20-30 years ago.  The lower the rate, the lower your monthly mortgage payment. 2.  Prices are the lowest they have been since 2003 - while they still may go down a little more, any hike up in the interest rate is bound to negate any savings by waiting. 3. Big Bear Lake has a … [Read more...]