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Big Bear Sellers, Time is Not on Your Side.

Click here for video link. Back in the "crazy" Big Bear real estate years of 2000 thru 2007, the longer a home was on the market, the more a seller could get for it.  The prices were going up every month, and sellers were getting lucky.  Over the past 5 years however, this process has flip flopped.  Generally, the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the price it will fetch.  Seems pretty simple.  Yet, sellers continue to tell me they want to sell, but they are not in a hurry.   Therein lies the … [Read more...]

Title Insurance

Title insurance provides coverage for certain losses in the title that may have occurred prior to your ownership. It protects against claims resulting from various defects such as prior fraud or forgery that might go undetected until after closing, including liens, encumbrances, and defects that were unknown when the title policy was issued and may possibly hurt your ownership or investment. What protection am I receiving with a title policy? A title insurance policy contains provisions for the payment of the … [Read more...]

The Escrow Process – Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve negotiated an agreed upon sales price on a perfect piece of Big Bear real estate. So now what happens? It’s time to open escrow. Very simply defined, an escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed or other instrument by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of a particular condition or event. In California, escrow companies are regulated by the Department of Corporations or the Department of Real Estate and must undergo constant scrutiny. They are required to hold funds in … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – Do It Yourself Pest Control

Living in Big Bear means being close to nature, and sometimes nature gets a little too close for comfort. As soon as the weather starts to warm ants begin showing up on kitchen counters. And mice can move into your home without you knowing it. So what can a Big Bear homeowner do to keep pests out of their home and yard? Here are a few tips for keeping Mother Nature in her place. Keep It Clean The best way to control pests is to keep your home and yard as clean as possible. Mice and bugs are attracted to food and if … [Read more...]

Home Appraisal Tips

Home appraisals are meant to establish market value. A lowball appraisal can kill your real estate transaction. A Home Appraiser is a specialist who uses mathematical analysis to determine your home’s value (Sales Comparison Approach). This value is based on similar homes in your neighborhood. First, the value per square foot is determined and applied. Then the appraiser looks at the overall condition of the home. 1.  All appraisers are not created equal Appraisals are not fact.  Rather, they are the opinion of … [Read more...]

Springtime Home Maintenance

One of the great things about living in Big Bear is the variety of weather we enjoy. In mid-April, we had over a foot of snow and temperatures were well below freezing. As I write this, just two weeks later, the temperatures are in the seventies and the snow has all but disappeared. We’re swapping our ski poles for fishing poles and everyone is happy to see warm weather again. As temperatures rise and snow melts it signals the time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance. On average, exterior home … [Read more...]

New Real Estate Trends

The National Association of Home Builders expects future housing trends to reflect the current economic and demographic changes of our society. They believe the average size home will be reduced by about 400 sq. ft to 2100 sq. ft. These homes will be energy efficient and family friendly. Expect to see homes that have larger family rooms and smaller dining rooms. Formal living spaces will be either downsized or eliminated. We may see the end of the living room. The demand for resource efficient water systems and … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – Spring Maintenance Inspection Checklist

  Big Bear winters may not be as harsh as other parts of the country but they can take their toll on your mountain home. Here are a few tips for getting your Big Bear property back in shape after the snow has melted away. Exterior Maintenance Inspection Grab a ladder and thoroughly inspect your roof for missing shingles and flashing. Pay special attention around chimneys and vents. Minor roof damage can quickly turn into major problems if left un-checked. Inspect gutters and downspouts to see that they haven't … [Read more...]

Home Improvements for Resale

Even though market conditions are beyond your means to control, upgrading your property can be a simple way to increase the value of your home. Some home improvements increase your home’s value beyond the initial cost. Common Home Improvements Minor Kitchen remodel Add a Bathroom Finish the Basement/Attic Upgrade the Landscaping Roofing Replacement Deck Addition Remodeling Magazine published their annual “Cost versus Value Report.” They’ve found that adding an attic bathroom and bedroom has been in the top 10 … [Read more...]

Home Selling Tips

Photo: East Big Bear City, Baldwin Lake Neighborhood You’ve picked your listing agent and your home is priced right. The show is on! Here are a few helpful suggestions about showing your home. The Lock Box Option These are not for everyone, but they increase your home’s marketability. It makes your home available to prospective viewers seven days a week. Most Agents will give you several hours notice. If you’re interested, ask your listing agent to set this up for you. Try not to be home It’s not always possible, … [Read more...]