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Your Home, Your Abilities

Buying a home is an emotional decision. Real Estate buyers typically “try the house out.” They open closets, cupboards and almost anything else with a handle. They will switch on lights, turn on faucets and flush toilets. How do you make your home stand out in today’s real estate market? Small, incremental improvements can make a big impression on prospective buyers. Home Preparation Tips • Clean and shine fixtures including door handles, light switches, faucets and anything else that’s shiny. Check ceiling for … [Read more...]

Dip In Inventory Equals Opportunity For Big Bear Real Estate Sellers

Direct link to - Window of opportunity for Big Bear sellers The number of homes for sale in Big Bear has been steadily dropping the past few months.  Just recently, we dipped below 600 homes for sale.  With that comes a window of real estate opportunity for some Big Bear home sellers. As the inventory levels drop, so does the number of available options for buyers to choose from.  And when they have less options to choose from, this makes certain properties stand out, which in turn increases the odds of that … [Read more...]

Healthy Big Bear Homes

During the winter, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. We rarely think about the air quality around us. By taking a few easy steps we can improve our surroundings. Asthma and other chronic diseases will especially benefit from a healthy environment. From house plants to natural fibers, there are several inexpensive ways to improve your home and your health benefits. Air Fresheners Beside adding color and vibrance to a home, house plants also act like an air filter, purifying the air. They … [Read more...]

Who Controls the Real Estate Prices in Big Bear?

Direct link to Big Bear Real Estate - Who Controls Real Estate Pricing? In short, the buyers. Real Estate agents like to think they have some effect on the pricing, but I believe it is determined mostly by the buyers, and to some degree, sellers.  It doesn't matter how great an agent thinks they are, our how much money they spend marketing the property, if the price is too high and the buyers don't agree with it, it won't sell.  No amount of skill or marketing will force a buyer to pay a significant amount … [Read more...]

Winterizing Your Big Bear Home – Part Two

Heat, Gas, and Electricity Heating Systems Most experts advise against turning the heat completely off - for two reasons. First, the winter air brings condensation that can cause mildew and dry-rot. Second, the freeze and thaw will add undue stress to your home and has been known to crack foundations. Install a thermostat that can be set to 40 degrees and make sure you’ve sealed all potential air leaks throughout the home. Natural Gas and Propane Even though you need gas for the heat, you can turn off the gas to … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate Buyers – Time is of the Essence!

Click here if you cannot see the video above. The standard real estate contract for the state of California includes a clause that says, "Time is of the Essence."  Essentially, this means that the parties to the contract need to perform according to the timelines laid out in the contract or they could otherwise be in breach of the contract. It appears to me that a lot of buyers, and many agents, seem to totally ignore this clause.  It is pretty common for most escrows to be delayed 1-2 weeks or more.  It is … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – Sales Update Thru October

Big Bear Real Estate Market Update The Big Bear real estate market is still moving along in a catfish-like manner.  It goes up, down & side to side with no clear direction of travel.  One thing's for sure, every month is different right now.  Sales were up 14% in October compared to the same month last year but prices were down 9% and 14% for the median and average sales prices respectively. Below is a real estate market update for Big Bear thru October 31, 2011. Year # of Homes Sold Median Sales … [Read more...]

Where Are The Big Bear Real Estate Buyers?

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The Proctologist Called…….

And they found the bank's head! It's no wonder that the majority of short sales don't ever close escrow.  There's not a week that goes by that I don't hear a story similar to the one below. Several months ago I had a short sale property in escrow located in the Boulder Bay area at 39029 Robin Rd.  We had it in escrow for $465,000, and after 60-75 days of back-and-forth negotiating with the first lien holder, Freddie Mac, as well as the second lien holder, a private party, we were about 10-14 days away from … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – Home Staging Tips

In today’s competitive real estate market sellers must do everything they can to prepare their home for a sale. Aside from pricing your home correctly, home staging is next best way to attract potential buyers. Here’s a few low cost tips to get you started turning your house into a show home. Curb Appeal This is the critical first impression as buyers drive up to the home. Wipe down or power wash your exterior including the front door, porch, outside railings and steps. It’s cheaper than repainting and makes a … [Read more...]