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Sure Fire Way To Increase Sales

Direct link to YouTube video Take care of your customers and your sales will do better.  Seems easy enough, yet many companies fail miserably in the customer service area.  And many don't even think about it when looking to improve sales.  Rather, they think in order to improve sales they have to spend more money advertising, cut costs, spend more time on the Internet or social media. There are plenty of companies out there proving that customer service drives sales - Zappos, Redfin, Starbucks, Apple are a … [Read more...]

Who Knows What To Believe Anymore?

Ever wonder why consumers lack trust in anything they read anymore? Check out these real estate market headlines I received in are recent update from C.A.R. California’s median home price up 21 percent in April from a year ago Nearly 75 percent of homes are affordable Foreclosures plateau—finally.  Repossessions soar. Real estate's new problem: not enough homes What kind of homeowners choose to default? Consumer confidence on the rise Maybe it is just me, but does anyone else see the conflict in … [Read more...]

Listing Agents – Lazy & Lucky?

Click here if you cannot see the embedded video. … [Read more...]

2 Things That Do Not Affect Big Bear Real Estate Values

Click here if you cannot see the embedded video. 1. What the seller paid for it. 2. What the seller needs to get out of it. The market value is what it is, and has no relation to what the seller got it for, or what they owe or need to get out of it. While it may determine whether or not a buyer wants to buy it, or whether or not a seller wants to sell, it does not change the current market value. Your thoughts? … [Read more...]

The Case Against Waiting To Sell Your Big Bear Home

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Is Your Big Bear Realtor a Local, or a Tourist?

Using a Realtor that lives and works out of the Big Bear area, is like hiring a tourist as a site seeing guide. They can't tell you about the history of the homes that you are interested in since they have never seen them before. Chances are, they may not even be able to find them to show them to you. They may not know the difference between a raised perimeter foundation and a slab. They might tell you that all areas of Big Bear are the same. How can they tell you about the recent homes that have sold, when they … [Read more...]

5 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Their Realtor

1. Are you a Realtor or an agent? Most folks probably don’t realize that there is a definite difference between the two. A person who joins the National Association of Realtors is bound by the code of ethics of the association and must conform their conduct to meet its ideals or face expulsion from the group. Only a person who is a member of this group can call themselves a Realtor. A person who is not a member cannot call themselves a Realtor. They are classified as an agent, and are not bound by the code of … [Read more...]

“But My Neighbors Are Asking A Lot More For Their Homes”

I get that response a lot from sellers when we talk about the current value of their home. And my reply, "the same neighbors who have been on the market 6-12 months without selling?" If you are going to compare prices with neighbors, make sure you are comparing with the ones that are currently in escrow, or those who have sold over the past 3 months, as those are the realistic prices being sold today. Can't see embedded video? Click here. … [Read more...]

Does Your Big Bear Property Stand Out Like A Purple Cow?

If you want to sell, it should. Here are a couple thoughts I have to help it stand out. Can't see the embedded video?  Click here. … [Read more...]

How Do You Complete A Big Bear Property Inspection With 5 Ft. Of Snow On The Ground?

Can't see embedded video? Click here. The quick answer is you don't.  At least not a complete inspection. If you are buying or selling a home in Big Bear during the winter months, it is best to address the issue of snow covered decks and inaccessible areas upfront, before the inspections are completed. Currently, we are seeing many termite inspections and home inspections coming back incomplete.  Because of all the snow we've received this winter, a lot of houses are still covered in snow.  If the termite co. … [Read more...]